Bell in Hand Tavern



Web Design

Bell in Hand Tavern is the oldest continuously operated tavern in America, pouring its first beer in 1795. Throughout its existence, the establishment has changed both its location and operators several times. To put it lightly, the brand was inconsistent, dated, and lacked a real identity as every menu, t-shirt, drink flier, and piece of collateral depicted a different look and style. 

Our goal with this project was to give the collateral a consistent, cohesive, and more authentic look in order to really celebrate this landmark’s history. We accomplished this with a modern color pallet, traditional fonts, and an updated woodcut illustration. Bell in Hand’s website also received a complete overhaul in order to modernize its look and performance for today’s devices and users.

BIH 1.jpg
BIH 2.jpg

Featured Photographer - Kristin Teig