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Founded in 1953 by Joseph and Salvatore Calabro, this father-son establishment has been operating for over 65 years right here in the Greater New Haven area. Fast forward to 2018 and Calabro’s products can still be found dominating the shelves of any local grocer. 

When we initially met with the Calabro team, the objective was to build a comprehensive and user-friendly website that effectively highlighted the company’s extensive product line. However, with the launch of their new Bufala line on the horizon, we took the opportunity to pitch an updated packaging strategy and, by extension, a full rebrand, as the existing brand system was heavily outdated despite being “refreshed” only a few years back. Our goal was to create an identity that would stand out in a world of overly-modernized branding, without losing its long-standing history and compelling company story. With new guidelines in place, we then took on packaging design for the remaining product list and brought in a professional photographer to capture all of their cheeses right here in our New Haven studio.


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Featured Photographer - Winter Caplanson