Cheesemonger Box

Brand Identity


The first subscription service of its kind, Cheesemonger Box challenges its recipients to “become the expert” on all things cheese. With educational monthly shipments of seasonal, 1/2-pound cuts delivered right to customers’ doors, Cheesemonger Box makes premier cheese approachable and enjoyable for all.

As we began brainstorming an identity that could effectively represent the Cheesemonger Box brand, only the OG cheese expert came to mind: a mouse. Leaving nothing unbranded, our team equipped Cheesemonger Box with just about everything, including custom print, packaging, and web, complete with an interactive online ordering system. From the verbiage on the website’s error page to the maze on the company’s eco-friendly packaging, the playful theme of the mouse was effectively incorporated and delivered to the audience in a fun, youthful, and nostalgic way. 


Featured Photographer - Winter Caplanson and Noah Fecks