Coal & Daisies

Brand Identity



Named for its coal-fired pies and fresh margaritas, Coal and Daisies takes an unprecedented approach to reviving the tired small-town pizza restaurant concept. And in our experience, a unique concept and clever company name tend to provide endless opportunity for creative experimentation.

To begin our brand development process, we broke down the meaning behind the restaurant's namesake. While the word "coal" in "Coal and Daisies" is pretty self-explanatory, "daisies," on the other hand, is the English translation of the Spanish word "margarita"—an element featured on the menu in both pizza and tequila-based form. With this in mind, our team took a literal approach to developing the primary brand mark, depicting two hand-drawn daisies coiled around a miner's coal pick. Paired with a distressed custom typeface and a contemporary spin on the generic Italian color palette, Coal and Daisies’ brand system quickly came together. Although the restaurant officially opened its doors in September 2018, our team remains fully involved in social media management, swag production, and the day-to-day creation of promotional materials.

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Featured Photographer - Noah Fecks