Garden Catering



Despite the great success Garden Catering had seen at its various Fairfield County locations, the family-owned chicken joint—best known for its nuggets and fries—enlisted our help in breaking through to an even broader market. With plans to open a New Haven location aimed at capitalizing on their crowd-favorite menu items, the Garden Catering team decided it was time for a brand refresh.

As the vessel for this evolution, Box 8 began by making subtle brand-wide changes that better communicated the objectives, values, and—most importantly—the story behind Garden Catering. While we tackled everything from their packaging system to their social media presence, our overarching goal was to both visually and verbally create a more identifiable brand. Subtly altering the Garden Catering color palette, typeface, and shape of the iconic chicken (who we dubbed “Gardenia”), for example, had a huge impact. Likewise, our consistent execution of strong, straightforward taglines aimed to clear up some of the confusion behind the “Garden Catering” name itself.

For example, our deceptively simple tagline, “Actually Chicken,” is a direct verbal embodiment of the Garden Catering narrative and its brand-wide mission. While it playfully acknowledges the ambiguity of Garden Catering’s name and backstory, it simultaneously drives home the fact that the company is committed to serving real, 100% white meat chicken—an immense source of pride for the Garden Catering team. Admittedly, however, sometimes the best way to articulate a brand’s story is to just come right out and say it. We felt as though, “Garden Catering: We don’t garden, we can cater, we love chicken,” pretty much got the job done.

With an updated identity and an entirely new location, Garden Catering’s New Haven “proof of concept” has since seen huge success in paving its own way into a limitless and fruitful market.

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Featured Photographer - Noah Fecks