Box 8 is a full-service creative agency dedicated to building powerful brands within the hospitality industry.





At Box 8, we don’t just create logos. We create experiences. From sketch to screen, we think about the full visual impact of our clients’ brands both inside and out, in print and online.

A passionate team of food-crazed, beer-obsessed, dog-loving individuals, Box 8 shares one common goal: to produce the best possible visual identity for our clients.




Tavern On State

Located in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, CT, Tavern On State serves an upscale menu of new-American cuisine and modern classic cocktails. While Chef Emily Mingrone and Barman Shane McGowen manage to keep the concept relatively simple, a strong juxtaposition of light and dark, masculine and feminine, and elegance and comfort can be found throughout every aspect of Tavern's identity, from its menu (case and point: the caviar and tater tots) to the eclectic space itself…Read more