We are excited to bring you the first Box 8 Newsletter: an overview of some of our favorite recent projects and our take on the latest industry trends.


Featured Project: Alvarium Can Design

Crunchy Roll_resize.jpg

Alvarium Beer Company is New Britain’s first craft brewery and taproom, which handcrafts top-quality beers in both classic and creative styles.

Box 8 was entrusted with designing the packaging for Alvarium’s newest brews, including Crunchy Roll (a crushable rice lager), Hedwig (a refreshingly light Festbier), and Thicc (a smooth, full-bodied raspberry milkshake IPA). The challenge was to create distinctive can designs that represent the unique character of each, while creating a cohesive system that will allow all future cans to be easily recognized as Alvarium’s products.


As we worked to give the brand a unified yet versatile feel, we crafted custom wordmarks that align with the characteristics of each beer: Asianesque letters that imitate brush strokes for Crunchy Roll, a Gothic typeface coupled with an elegant handwritten script for Hedwig, and dripping, melting letters that evoke the mouthfeel of a milkshake for Thicc.

What brings these three very different designs together are the layouts of each label. By establishing a visual hierarchy and incorporating the same subtle design elements throughout, we were able to create a sense of consistency while emphasizing Alvarium’s brand identity.



Box 8 Teaser: A Rebrand of Cheshire Pizza & Ale

Since opening in 1978, Cheshire Pizza has been a beloved local spot known for its fresh Greek-style pizza and warm, inviting atmosphere. Rita and Dimitri, a husband-and-wife team who took over the restaurant from Rita’s parents before reinventing it as Cheshire Pizza & Ale, wanted to expand the business and kickstart a delivery service that could compete against third-party rivals such as GrubHub and Uber Eats.

After meeting with the passionate restaurateurs, we understood that the main objective of the rebrand would be to establish a cohesive yet versatile brand system across various elements including menus, signage, delivery vehicles, and to-go packaging. With this goal in mind, our team is currently working towards developing and executing an updated, highly recognizable identity that highlights CP&A’s Greek roots.



Summer Intern Class of 2019



Chairin is a Sociology major at Yale University and an aspiring home chef. Throughout her summer internship at Box 8, Chairin conducted brand research, wrote social media copy, and served as a reliable source of belly rubs for the office dogs. Chairin’s superpowers include eyeballing recipes and memorizing Pokémon facts.



Recently graduated from the University of Vermont with a major in Studio Art, Nicole is a graphic designer who enjoys the great outdoors. At Box 8, she currently helps clients build compelling brands through designing web and print collateral. Nicole enjoys eating fruit and yogurt parfaits from mason jars and will never turn down a mean buffalo chicken wrap.



Meghan graduated from Southern Connecticut State University as a Studio Art major with a concentration in Photography and a passion for all things cheese. As an in-house photography intern at Box 8 this summer, Meghan captured stunning photographs for clients’ social media and websites. Meghan has an adventurous soul and a new-found obsession with plants.



Kin Euphorics: All Bliss, No Booze

At Box 8, our team is constantly learning, staying engaged, and keeping up-to-date with the advancements and conversations that are taking place within our industry—and when we find something we love, we like to share it. Designed by Caley Adams, photographed by Suzanne Saroff, and copywritten by Natalee Ranii Dropcho, Kin Euphorics is a recently launched brand that we believe exhibits a strong, captivating visual identity.


Kin produces a category of beverages that it has cleverly named 'Euphorics’: drinks that give “a buzz without the booze.” What enables the trick is a blend of herbs and nootropics, natural or synthetic supplements that are said to relieve stress, uplift mood, and enhance cognitive function.


What immediately caught our attention was the wordmark. It is at once modern and ancient; its shape invokes both a contemporary, geometric typeface and a handwritten medieval script. While the can and bottle have two very different designs—minimal with attractive gradients versus a more classic design typical of liquor or medicinal bottles—the wordmark looks great on both. 

The telltale sign of any strong brand system, Kin’s visual identity seamlessly translates to social media as well. The company’s Instagram page not only features product photography (which, as one of our designers pointed out, resembles that of a 70s jewelry ad), but also content that describes the experience of consuming Kin’s products: relaxation and euphoria. This social media strategy is on-point, as Kin has garnered almost 20K followers in less than a year.

Although Kin’s products in no way share the price point of vintage jewels, its visual identity promises its target demographic of young, hip consumers a luxurious, sophisticated self-care experience. Seven bucks may seem relatively expensive for a can of fizzy drink, but not for a pleasurable night of letting loose—this time without the morning hangover.



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