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Tavern on State

Brand Identity


Located in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, CT, Tavern On State serves an upscale menu of new-American cuisine and modern classic cocktails. While Chef Emily Mingrone and Barman Shane McGowen manage to keep the concept relatively simple, a strong juxtaposition of light and dark, masculine and feminine, and elegance and comfort can be found throughout every aspect of Tavern's identity, from its menu (case and point: the caviar and tater tots) to the eclectic space itself. But despite these underlying complexities, Tavern On State remains modest and welcoming—a low-key neighborhood spot offering American cuisine done right.

In an effort to resonate with the East Rock community, Box 8 worked to develop an all-encompassing brand that would be indisputably reminiscent of New Haven itself. For Tavern On State's series of logo marks, our designers hand-picked, dried, and sketched cherry blossom flowers from Wooster Square to appear either alone or in tandem with our own modern take on the traditional "tavern" typeface. Lingering somewhere between approachable and refined, the brand truly began to take shape once supporting elements were incorporated, including geometric images resembling the restaurant's iron gate, as well as the flamingo-patterned wallpaper found on the walls of its WC. It was all hands on deck as Tavern neared its opening date; in addition to hand-painting the restaurant's reclaimed wooden sign, our team also worked to photograph the space and produce a variety of print collateral items to help jumpstart brand recognition throughout NHV and beyond.


Featured Photographer - Meghan Olson