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Specific goals foster purpose driven design
When communicating your project ideas, be sure to have specific goals in mind. That’s the difference between good design and great design. All bets are you want your website to work for you, like display weekly specials to entice repeat customers. Or perhaps you need a logo that effectively communicates your concept to tourists driving through town. By having specific goals in mind, it makes our design, and your dollars, that much more effective.

Develop a Budget
No project is too big or too small for Box 8 Brand studio. From a simple logo refresh to a designing and launching a new brand, we’ve done it all. Similar to design goals, having a budget in mind helps create focus when designing your next project. Whether you are a successful restaurant group or a recent college grad with a great new cupcake concept, we can make your budget work for you. By communicating cost expectations early in the process, we are able to more effectively design a project that will fit your business goals and budget alike.

Stay open minded
Business marketing is as much calculated strategy as it is an art form. Goals and expectations are necessary to run a thriving business. They help motivation and direction. However, it is important to remember that when these are not met, it is not failure. It is in fact an invitation to re-evaluate, learn, re-organize and attack those goals and expectations with a new, stronger strategy.

Let’s Help Each Other
You want to grow your business, we want to expand our network. Tell us a bit more about what you need.