Box 8 is a full-service creative agency dedicated to building powerful brands within the hospitality industry.





At Box 8, we don’t just create logos. We create experiences. From sketch to screen, we think about the full visual impact of our clients’ brands both inside and out, in print and online.

A passionate team of food-crazed, beer-obsessed, dog-loving individuals, Box 8 shares one common goal: to produce the best possible visual identity for our clients.




Sherkaan Indian Street Food

When Ankit Harpaldas came to Box 8 to discuss his vision for a new culinary concept, he described what he believed to be a serious void of fun, modern Indian restaurants on the market. With few daring to stray from the traditional menu items and interior decor, we agreed that Indian food often struggles to resonate with unfamiliar audiences. So, in an effort to reintroduce the cuisine in an approachable way, we worked to create a visual identity for Sherkaan: an American-style Indian restaurant serving a contemporary menu of craft cocktails and Central and South Indian street snacks…Read more